Everyday security, anywhere in the world

The understanding of an urgent need for an easy way to have security, came to be, because of frequent flights between Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Moscow, Tashkent, Detroit and Johannesburg.

We were thinking, discussing, modelling throughout 2015, looking for a way tocreate a better security service – and to make it available on all continents.

Now Ansnei – is a reliable partner for people wishing for security services. Anywhere in the world, with the possibility of placing an order via a mobile phone ortablet. We are ready to solve any problem:

  • hourly protection  
  • parties lasting a week or  
  • regular monthly business meetings

Ansnei [Ansni] protects people and helps you to participate in unique life experiences– complete safely – in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. Ansnei also helps security companies – by making it easy to monetize their non-peak working hours – by reaching out to an audience of many millions.

Better safe than sorry