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ELSSI – ”Embassy Local Staff Security Intro”

date of the course:
03 March 2017
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Ansnei is your local security solution to this subject. Now, there is an affordable security course, provided at your premises.

Everyone is talking security these days. But, how can you ensure your local staff gets relevant competencies in Security, that fit exactly here in Denmark, and caring for your budget?


  • distinguish right and wrong behavior
  • have a structured approach to awareness
  • be able to help authorities resolve the matter fast
  • effectively make the right decisions to protect assets
  • not to endanger lives and mobility of himself and others

Book your ELSSI course with minimum 6 attendees now at Support@Ansnei.com

Ansnei is the official global security and advisory company, providing individual and corporate security in more than 15 countries. Ansnei follows specific procedures and quality guidelines. In this way customers receive security under the varying local conditions at any given point of time.

Security experts and instructors have put together an introduction to the essentials in Security Awareness for your local staff, and other relevant employees at the Embassy.

Program for ELSSI

– Theory on Security Awareness

– Application in your specific setting

– Practical Training on the ground

– Lessons Learned

– Wrap-Up

The course has been put together by Ansnei, with the specialists who daily educate or supervise the best people we have in Denmark – within Security. They hold combined experience from Embassy workin 60+ countries, International military service in 10+ countries, intelligence and analytical work, law enforcement and security for Blue Chip commercial businesses.

Ken, who comes with more than 15 years as international security expert for the Danish MFA, and at international diplomatic representations. Besides he has been ensuring security for several Blue Chip companies –and is an expert in processes and finding the core security value.

Jens comes as instructor to this course –with more than 10+ years of experience from the Danish Armed Forces, International Service, MFA and Law Enforcement. He is a true expert in Security Awareness and learning approaches.


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