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  • What do I get for my membership?

    As a member of the Ansnei community you are able to order local security guards all over the world. You get to tap into the infrastructure of Ansnei, where we help you to protect your loved ones anywhere.

    Your membership covers your whole family, and is a one time insurance.

    Our prices are always fair, and we make sure anyone will be able to feel safe when the need is there. Therefore – as the only security service in the world – we only charge by the hour. This means, that if you ordered a guard for 3 hours, but you will need him for 5, he will stay with you, and you will only be charged for 5. Should it be the other way around, that you ordered for 5 hours, but only needed the guard for 3, then we will only charge you for 3.

  • I ordered 4 guards, but I only need all 4 in the beginning. What do I do?

    You can let one or more guards go at any time you like. You will only pay for the actual hours the guard has worked (though min 2).

  • I want to have guards coming at different times along the day for my event. How do I do that?

    If you have an event starting e.g. at 19:00 PM and ending at 06:00 AM, and you have peak hours from 22:00 PM to 03:00 AM, we would suggest to split the order in two. This could for instance look like this:

    Order two guards from PM 18:30 – 03:15 AM

    Order another two guards from PM 21:30 – 06:15 AM.

    This way you will at any time have two guards at your event, and in the peak hours from 22-03 you will have 4.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    You can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the order should start. In case you cancel less than 24 hours before, there will be a minimum charge of 2 hours for the order.

  • What does it cost to make an order?

    You will pay 1 in local currency to make the order. We use this symbolic payment to verify your credit card on file, and for our IT maintenance.

    Besides you only pay for the actual use of the guard. You are protected for 3 hours – you pay for three hours. You are protected for 8 hours – you pay for 8 hours.

  • Do you have a minimum charge?

    Yes, we do have a minimum charge of 2 hours, in order to make sure the transport out to you is worth wile for the security people.

  • How often do I pay the membership fee?


    It’s a once in a lifetime safety insurance that will provide you the opportunity to have security all over the world at preferred rates. All your family members can have their own accounts (own membership profiles) at Ansnei – included in your membership. So, they will not have to pay for their registration.

  • Does my family need to be members as well?

    If you are member of the Ansnei community, your can order for your family at any time you like from your account. But, your family members will be able to register their own accounts for free.


  • Where do you find your guards?

    All our guards come from established Security companies, and have several years of guarding experience within their specialty.

  • How do you secure the quality of your guards?

    Besides from their existing security company training, Ansnei provides extra security training for all our hires. This way we are sure, that their professional skills are best in the industry.

  • What do you think about customer service?

    All our guards are rated by their clients – you. We only work with excellent customers and excellent customer service providers.

  • What does Ansnei mean?

    Ansnei originates from the Faroese word "Ansni", and means: to be careful, to watch someone/something, guard someone/something & to take care of something/someone.



  • Do your guards have weapons?

    In most countries Ansnei can provide armed guards – if required. For some cities we only recommend armed guards.

  • Can I use your service for my girlfriend?

    Yes, your friend will be safe when going shopping, clubbing or anywhere else – protected by Ansnei.

  • Can you escort my child?

    Yes, Ansnei has security guards with special pedagogical understanding.

  • My wife is flying to Barcelona next week with our little child. Can you protect them?

    Yes, Ansnei can provide Escort in order to keep them safe.

  • Will you take care of car hire?

    In case of Transfer from A-B, Ansnei will provide transportation. In all other cases it is the client’s own responsibility to organize and provide transportation for yourself and your guards.

  • I’m going to a restaurant and want an escort. Do you have to sit at my table?

    Normally Ansnei will sit at a separate table in the restaurant, or in the bar. It is your responsibility as a client (unless Ansnei has organized table booking) to ensure there is a place for your guards (in relatively close vicinity of you), and you will also have to pay for / provide food and beverages (non-alcoholic) for your guards.

  • I need a guard for the next 36 hours. Can you provide that?

    Yes, there will be several guards handling this tasks, with rotation. Note the following: 1. We will need to know their approximate whereabouts beforehand, and please organize food and drinks for the guards, on a regular basis.

  • I'm throwing a birthday party. Can you take care of the cars for our guests?

    Yes, in the US you can order guards for your event, including Valet Parking

  • Can I use Ansnei for deliveries of physical goods?

    Ansnei can provide security for your delivery needs, and also provide transportation if ordered. You are responsible yourself for carrying and handling your physical item, but Ansnei will be close by to protect you and your delivery.


  • Our company would like a corporate agreement for your services.

    Yes, we offer corporate agreements. There are no additional fees (nor discounts) related to a business account, or the use of Ansnei services. Ansnei for Business can be used at regular Ansnei rates. In 2017 we will release a platform, where you will be able to monitor your employee's security and travel with complete transparency, export data, and hopefully eliminate the need to reimburse or have employees submit travel receipts.


  • Do you share my data with anyone?

    We appreciate the trust that clients and guards put in us. And we respect that trust by keeping all personal and financial information private and secure.

  • I’d like the company to pay for most of my security needs, but sometimes I also use it for my girlfriend. What do I do?

    You can have several credit cards associated to your account. This way you can choose between your private and corporate credit card – before ordering.

  • My question is not in your FAQ.

    Please, do contact our support and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • I want to be top secret, and not have the goverment or anyone else see my date. Can you do that?

    TOTAL SECRECY ACCOUNT We are able to provide you a total secrecy account. For these accounts we delete all data (or encrypt, and delete the key) that can be directly linked to you as a person or your account within 48 hours after completed and paid orders. These accounts cost USD 5/month (up-front payment), and data will be deleted as long as the secrecy account is paid for, and in accordance with the terms presented under "ACCOUNT INFORMATION". You can always opt out of the secrecy account, and we will stop deleting your data / encryption keys for future data.

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