About us

Ansnei is a European security and intelligence group. Nestled at the nexus of protection and foresight, it provides comprehensive security solutions to ensure the safety and prosperity for everyone.

Our services

Our multifaceted approach combines depth and reach. It encompasses intelligence gathering, risk analysis, cutting-edge technology and strategic planning to ensure that our clients are not just protected but empowered to address an uncertain environment 24/7 internally and externally with clarity and short response times.


Better safe than sorry

SERVICES that benefit assets


Successful security solutions combine global reach with a deep understanding of local nuances.  Ansnei leverages its infrastructure and teams to ensure effectiveness on a global scale, and efficiency in handling specific challenges and regulatory landscapes of the regions in which you operate.  Our global intelligence services ensures that our clients can make informed decisions, anticipate threats, and proactively respond to emerging challenges that keep their teams and operations safe.


Peace of mind

SERVICES that benefit you and your decision-making


Our team


Navigate the complex landscape of modern corporate and individual security is about asking the questions you did not know you needed to ask.  At Ansnei, our clients have direct access to specialised intelligence professionals, skilled analysts, and seasoned security experts handpicked for their expertise, integrity, and commitment to the highest ethical standards.  Irrespective of whether you operate in small or large corporate environments, critical infrastructure, event spaces or diplomatic arenas, our team quickly customizes security solutions that seamlessly integrate with your operations.


Our commitment

Ansnei comes from the Faroese word “ansni” which means ‘precise conscientious care’ and we extend that to our clients and partners alike. 


At Ansnei, our strength lies not only in our capabilities but in the trust we inspire.  We believe in forging a path where security is not just a service, but a guarantee for peace of mind.