Skudsikker UHMWPE armor plate, III level (Medium)

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  • CONFIGURATION: ESAPI, 3d multi curved
  • DEPTH: 20 mm
  • MATERIAL: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
  • PROTECTION AREA: 0.062 m²
  • PROTECTION LEVEL: III in accordance to NIJ 0101.06
  • RELEASE DATE: June 2017
  • TYPE: Stand alone, Multi-shot.
  • WEIGHT: 1.17 kg

What is the basic difference between UHMWPE plates and ceramic?! Almost in everything.

Polyethylene plate has a different construction, protection level III to NIJ. And someone can think why do we need III level if we have IV whitch can give a higher protection level? To answer this question at first we should understand what does it mean IIIA protection level.

Here it is:

  • Bullet 7H6, ball 5.45 in steel shell with steel core;
  • Bullet 57-H-231 ball 7.62 mm in steel shell with steel core.

Basic advantages of this plate type is weight. Polyethylene plate is almost three times lighter than a ceramic plate.

At the same time We are not saying that you should preffer polyethylene plates over ceramic, only because they have lower weight, not at all, but there are special categories of police, soldiers and operators, who need maximum level of protection while carrying minimum weight for maximum mobility. UHMWPE plates are made for professionals !

Various equipment for various issues!


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